Bajracharya Club


Bajracharya Club is non-profit, non-political social organization working towards conservation of culture, ritual and tangible and intangible heritages related to Vajrayana Buddhism located at Ekubahal, KMC- 21, Kathmandu, Nepal. From its inception Club has been helping in the renovation of Ancient Vajrayani Mahavihars (monasteries). Club has organized, and has been continuing, several fund-raising events too for such a noble act of restoration of our precious heritage. In addition to this it has been conducting Vajrayani ritual classes so as to train incoming Vajracharya priests and theory and philosophy classes to the interested ones. 'Shantipur' is the magazine published by the club to highlight the activities of the club as well as to give platform for the potential writers to express their genuine thoughts related to Buddhism in particular. Cleaning monuments, organizing health camps, providing professional trainings to the youth, conducting interaction programs with experts are some of other key activities of the club. It has been putting efforts to bring all Vajrayanis together in a single platform.

Registration Details:

  1. Our Club is registered to District Administration Office, Kathmandu. Regd No: 378-073/074.
  2. It was registered and renewed in Ward No 21 Office since Fiscal Year 2074-2075.
  3. It was registered in Social Welfare Council. Regd No: 44779
  4. Its Permanent Account Number (PAN) is 605674615